Culture, Feasts & Events 

Malta & Gozo is filled with feasts around the year to indulge. Eat like a local while experiencing spectacular fireworks, live music, theatre, opera or an island transforming into a spectacular show for Carnival.

Summer Feast

It’s all about Sun, Sea and Village Feast. Fireworks, band marches, beautifully decorated village churches and patron saints in spiritual guard. Add crowds of people, local food and a vibrant atmosphere and enjoy the sight and sound of a Gozo festa.

Easter time

This season for Gozitans is about Easter, as the religious festivities connected with the Holy Week occur during this season. Live reenactments portraying the passion of Christ take place all around Gozo, with exhibitions highlighting the original Passover, including the last supper of Christ, mixed with a touch of local traditions and folklore.

Autumn is the new Spring

If you would like to enjoy cultural life in its entirety, Gozo is definitely the place to be in Autumn. Cultural life is in full swing during this season. Three of the main cultural events on the island take place during Autumn. The two main opera theatres in Victoria (the Astra and Aurora opera theatres) hold two operas during October as vital cultural events in Gozo.

Winter between Religion and Carnival traditions

Winter may be dull elsewhere, but here, this little island community reinvents itself with every season. Christmas and Carnival are the two main winter festivals celebrated here, with an in-between cultural calendar that attests to a thriving artistic community. Christmas is an extraordinary period in Gozo, a great time to enjoy local customs, traditional crafts and typical seasonal cuisine.

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