When to visit Gozo?

The island offers different activities depending on when you want to visit Gozo. Every season has something unique to experience and All Nations is open all year around. Find out the different activities during the year


Summer is the ideal time to enjoy Gozo’s many beaches and the leisurely way of life that this season brings with it. Taking a boat ride around Gozo’s coastline can provide another alternative to simply staying on the beach and enjoying the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean.


Spring is the season when Gozo discloses its full beauty. The island awakens to rolling hills of burgundy and gold, as patches of clover and haystacks adorn the countryside. This is the ideal time to visit Gozo and enjoy walks along the coast picking wild Asparagus as no other words can describe its magnificence.”


Autumn is a great time to visit Gozo for anyone wishing to enjoy the island without the summer crowds and with mild weather that allows swimming till well into November, without the scorching sun. Autumn is a great time to try your surfing skills as the wind and waves surrounding the island pick up.


Mild sunny winters are one of Gozo’s many blessings. If it is cold, dull or snowing anywhere else in Europe, you can count on Gozo for warmth and bright days. The island can be the perfect winter destination with a choice of health-restoring activities.

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