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Rio Grande Rafting

The Rio Grande River in Jamaica offers a unique, tranquil and romantic rafting experience that allows visitors to fully appreciate the beautiful natural surroundings. Unlike traditional river rafting, the bamboo rafting tour on the Rio Grande is slow-paced, allowing for a more relaxed and leisurely journey down the river.

The tour, which typically lasts around 3 hours, provides stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the opportunity to stop and enjoy a traditional Jamaican lunch. This rafting experience is a great option for those looking to enjoy nature in a peaceful and serene setting, especially for honeymooners and couples looking for a romantic getaway.

The bamboo rafts used for transporting bananas on the Rio Grande River in Jamaica have a rich history and cultural significance. The use of bamboo rafts for transportation dates back to the early days of the island’s banana industry, when farmers in the interior of the island needed a way to transport their crops to market. The dense jungle and rugged terrain made traditional forms of transportation, such as roads and trains, difficult to implement, so farmers turned to the Rio Grande River as a means of transport.

Over time, the bamboo rafts became a cultural symbol of the Rio Grande River and the banana industry in Jamaica. As the industry declined, the rafts were no longer used for transportation, but they have since been repurposed as a unique and popular tourist attraction. The bamboo rafting tour on the Rio Grande River allows visitors to experience the natural beauty of the area while also learning about the history and culture of the island. Many locals and visitors alike have enjoyed the peaceful and serene journey down the river, it is a very romantic and unique experience.

Stop for authentic Jamaican lunch at Belindas while rafting down the river. Rafting the rio grande is a must do to experience the mountain and river beauty of Jamaica. 

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