Skippers Blvd, Port Antonio

Somerset Falls

Somerset falls is a family-friendly destination, located in Portland Parish. It’s a small waterfall, but its beauty is undeniable, and it’s a 40-minute drive from the guesthouse on the way to Kingston & Ocho Rios.

The area also features a water park for kids with a water slide. To reach the falls, visitors can take a boat ride that takes them into a cave where the waterfall is located. However, it’s worth noting that weekends tend to be very crowded, so it’s best to visit during the week if possible to avoid the crowds.

The boat will take you in the cave where the waterfall is, you can climb up on the stones under the waterfall 

and jump off the rocks into the pool without worrying about hitting the bottom.The water in the pool is cold and refreshing, and it’s a great way to cool off. After you jump into the pool, you can swim around and explore the area or just float on your back and take in the natural beauty. 

Standing under the pounding waterfall and climbing up the rocks at Somerset Falls is a truly exhilarating experience. It’s a family-friendly destination, and there is also a water park for kids with a water slide. The falls are surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and the pool at the base is crystal clear.

In conclusion, visiting Somerset falls is a great family experience, a must-see destination for any nature lover. The waterfall is not that big, but the surrounding area is beautiful, and the water is crystal clear. The climb is manageable, and the jump into the cold pool is refreshing and exhilarating. The area is generally not crowded during the week but we highly recommend to avoid weekend with a lot of students and families that might disturb the natural peace you are looking for. The water park with the water slide makes it a perfect family friendly destination, and kids will have a lot of fun.

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