Port Antonio, and especially San San is close to the main attractions, like world-famous Blue Lagoon, Frenchman's Cove, San San Beach,  Boston Beach, Long Bay and Winnifred Beach.

When you first arrive, you may notice that the lagoon looks familiar to you. If you’ve seen the Brooke Shields’ movie, The Blue Lagoon, then you’ll know why. With glistening, turquoise blue waters surrounded by lush greenery, Blue Lagoon is a vision of beauty. The water in Blue Lagoon is a mix of fresh water and saltwater, as the lagoon is open to the sea and fed by freshwater springs. If you decide to take a dip in the lagoon, you’ll notice the alternating temperatures (the warmth of the Caribbean Sea and the icy cold waters of the underground streams), which is quite an experience...

During the 1960s, Port Antonio became the mecca of the jet set. Frenchman’s Cove was rumoured to be the most expensive in the world, it was comprised of 18 luxury villas shrouded by discreet shrubbery and scattered over the headlands on both sides of the river, beach and bay. Is a beautiful beach where the river flows right into the ocean. There are swings all along the riverbank that look just like a postcard. The beach really is gorgeous, there are all amenities on-site, a small restaurant as well and wild mango trees around the place. Access to the private beach at Frenchman’s Cove can be accessed for a small fee of $15 per day.

San San Beach is a private beach close to Frenchman's Cove. After paying a small entrance fee you can use this one and a half-mile long stretch of white sand which stretches out into the turquoise Caribbean Sea. San San Beach is one of the best beaches in the area for snorkelling, there are several reefs off the coast that have legally enforceable fishing restrictions. If you feel like a challenge then you can swim out to Pellew Island which is some 200 meters out to sea. Pellew Island is known by many names, including Princess Island, Woods Island and Monkey Island.

Boston Beach is a coastal community on the north coast of the island of Jamaica, with a public beach that is one of the few beaches in Jamaica attracting surfers. It is located nine miles east of the town of Port Antonio. Boston Beach is one of the country's favourite waterfront spots, famous throughout Jamaica (and elsewhere in the world) as being the birthplace of Jerk food. Nowadays, the beach at Boston Bay and the surrounding roads are lined with jerk stalls. Boston Bay is also a well-known surfing spot (some would say the best in Jamaica). Once a year Boston hosts the Portland Jerk Festival, featuring live music, sideshows and, you've guessed it, hundreds of jerk food stalls.

This rural, unspoiled Jamaican village sits at the foot of the John Crow Mountains where the rain forest grows right to the sea in some places. The beach is one of the loveliest in all of Jamaica, a mile long with a handful of cottages. It offers a variety of swimming experiences from fairly heavy surf to gentle pools safe for young children. Long Bay is well named; its creamy beach sweeps for 1.5km, with strong breezes pushing the waves forcefully ashore. While the burly easterlies bring good surf (and an undertow makes it bad for swimming), they also leave Long Bay exposed to extreme weather.

Winnifred Beach is one of the most appealing beaches in all of Jamaica. Located in the Fairy Hill community, Winnifred Beach is home to a delightful reef just offshore that’s not only perfect for snorkelling, but for its clear, calm, bright-blue water.
Winnifred is the local beach meant for everybody to enjoy witch means its free of charge but to support the community that entertain it, they ask for a little donation at the entrance. Small local shops and restaurants that offer the catch of the day are located around the beach.