Port Antonio, and especially San San is close to the main attractions, like world-famous Blue Lagoon, Frenchman's Cove, San San Beach,  Boston Beach, Long Bay and Winnifred Beach.

Boston Beach is a coastal community on the north coast of the island of Jamaica, with a public beach that is one of the few beaches in Jamaica attracting surfers. It is located nine miles east of the town of Port Antonio. Boston Beach is one of the country's favourite waterfront spots, famous throughout Jamaica (and elsewhere in the world) as being the birthplace of Jerk food. Nowadays, the beach at Boston Bay and the surrounding roads are lined with jerk stalls. Boston Bay is also a well-known surfing spot (some would say the best in Jamaica). Once a year Boston hosts the Portland Jerk Festival, featuring live music, sideshows and, you've guessed it, hundreds of jerk food stalls.