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Port Antonio has been overshadowed by the major tourist destinations like Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril and the capital, Kingston.
This part of the island has the most tropical environment, almost every day a short rainfall, creating stunning vegetation and jungle.

Port Antonio has also been a glamorous paradise image for Hollywood films such as 007, Lord of the Flies, and Cocktail Club Paradise is recorded in the area. The movie star Errol Flynn fell in love with the town and bought land along the coast in the 90s.
Port Antonio is well known by both royal families, famous artists and actors as a fantastic holiday destination.

Culture, food and music: Port Antonio has a rich cultural life, especially for those interested in music. Every Sunday offers Port Antonio "Vinyl Sunday" which should roots and reggae played live on old vinyl records from the older generations of legends. The bar is open to the street where both locals and the tourists get there dancing wildly together.

Jamaica is world-renowned for its Jerk Chicken, which was born in Boston Bay in the heart of Portland Parish, where Port Antonio is the capital.
There is a wide selection of locally produced fruit and vegetables to share and incomparable seafood caught locally every day.
To experience the real Rastafarian kitchen look for  "ITAL FOOD" which means only a vegetarian diet.